Glazing options

Our Daylight Comfort

Enjoy more natural light and a feeling of increased space within your home by choosing Glazing Options that maximise light transmission. Daylight is commonly defined as the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during daytime hours. Choosing windows that let more natural light in contribute to your comfort and well-being by reducing your dependence on artificial light sources.

This can be achieved by choosing larger windows but often this is impractical. Selecting a window glass that is optimised for light transmission, and has a neutral appearance, will help you to meet this need.


– Reduces the need to use artificial lighting
– Has a positive impact on your health and well-being
– Improves the quality of your sleep
– Reduces lighting costs


We achieve an ultra clear finish by specifying DIAMANT low-iron glass for the outer pane. Low-iron glass does not have the natural green tinge of other window glass. Clear finish ensures crystal clear views and pure, natural internal light Ultra neutral aesthetics deliver the purest, most natural internal light environment