Glazing options

Energy Saving

Estimates suggest that up to 26% of all the heat lost in the home escapes through the windows. Modern energy-efficient windows help to reduce this heat loss, capture heat from outside and lower the amount of energy needed to heat the home. Energy efficient glass works in two ways to lower the heating required to maintain your home to your desired temperature. Firstly, it allows more warmth from the sun (“free energy”) and natural daylight to pass through the windows. Secondly, it retains more of the heat within the room.

Choosing an energy efficient glass optimises the potential saving on your heating bills, reducing heat loss by as much as 50%. The achievable energy savings for each home will depend on a number of factors but can be in the range of 20-30%. Your window installer can provide you with calculations using our SGG Glass Compass app. All replacement windows are also rated under the Window Energy Ratings scheme (see page 12). You should specify an A or A+ rating for the maximum savings.


  • Optimises the balance between comfortable warmth and energy consumption
  • Lower heating bills
  • Lower CO2 emissions for a more sustainable environment


All the glass combinations within the Glazing Options range will improve the energy performance of your home compared with single glazed windows or older double glazed units. We have identified two levels of high-performance energy efficient glazing. Look for these icons within the Glazing Options range: High levels of energy efficiency performance to reduce your heating bills.

The extra pane in triple glazed units helps create the most energy efficient window solutions