Glazing options

Winter Comfort

Keeping warm in winter is probably the most important factor to consider in terms of comfort within your home. Choosing a Glazing Option with winter comfort benefits maximises heat retention in the season when you need it the most. Your home will benefit from energy efficient heating without sacrificing warmth.

The amount of heat lost through your windows is significantly reduced as the coating on the glass keeps heat from escaping and also captures warmth from natural daylight to help maintain your home at the desired temperature, whilst reducing energy consumption and cost.


  • A warm home interior during the coldest winter days
  • Enhanced comfort and well-being
  • Reduced heating bills and CO2 emissions, even in rooms with large windows, high performance glazing with Winter Comfort will retain internal heat and eliminate cold spots nearest to the windows.


Winter Comfort is achieved by reducing heat loss – so it is warm inside even when cold outside.

Glazing options with this icon will achieve greater winter comfort than standard double glazing options.